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enlighten me..all of you..jonathan gilbert her uncle is the same guy from the past..? no ey? i think her dad might be someone we havent met..i hope its not uncle gilbert ugh hes creepy

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It's definatly not Damon, cause he's a vampire and vampire's can't procreate although they like to try......xD and it can't be Alaric cause he and Isobel met after she had Elena (I think) so either it's sombody that we don't know or it's John Gilbert.

I love Damon!!!!!

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Nah, Damon isn't her father. No one knew her back then. We will find out problly next week or by the season end or next seasons beginning. 

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It can't be Damon ding dongs he turned her into a vamp. Meaning he can not have children.

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