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I think the show needs Meredith, I loved her character in the books, though Bonnie has some of her 'values and morals' in the show such as distrust in vampire and a somewhat 'Damon-proved shield'.

Don't hold this against me if untrue but I remember Meredith to have loose black hair and brown eyes (or any dark colour), so I think Elena Santine would be a great choice.

This thread is too discuss who you'd like to see play this character if she were to appear on the show - NOT TO COMPLAIN or critize Meredith or those who'd liek to see her character on the show.

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Or Eliza Dushku, if she still can pull of the teeanger/early 20's look :)



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There's nothing to complain about Meredith. Addint her EXACTLY AS SHE IS would seriously improve the show since she is an awesome strong female character who can kick ass.


If we go faithful to book loooks, I'd say Charisma Carpenter(since cordy had quite a few traits fitting and imo in that role CC proved that she would be quite good meredith) or someone similar(since I doubt TVD show will leave her at same age and will actually make her older a bit):



That or Katie Cassidy:


(although i seriously doubt tv meredith will be as kick ass as book one. tvd would not allow so much female awesomeness :< ) 

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I couldn't agree more. Meredith is needed, though I find that many people do not like her (partly because of her hate towards Damon!), and she's not really discussed much in here, so I don't know how people will react to this post hence the 'rules' of the thread.

I'd like to see her a bit older too, especially if they stay true to the books and make her Alaric's new love interest. I'd like to see Katie Cassidy as well, but I think her Hollywood status (though she not one of the biggest Hollywood stars nonetheless one of my favourite actresses) and her charisma would overshadow Nina Dobrev, which I don't find hard now that e.g. Candice Accola overshadows her to many people.



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I would love to see Katie Cassidy! She is a very good actress!

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nd her charisma would overshadow Nina Dobrev

With the way writers treat elena and the way they treated Kat in second half of s2, every chareacter overshadows Nina Dobrev right now, so I don't see any problem in another one doing that :P

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I know you feel that way but unfortunately I think the writers want to keep Nina the leading female star which means that they'll tone a possible Meredith down :(



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yeaa.....except they forgot that leading female star...well..has leading and star.....hey they got the female part down at least :/

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I'm actually starting to doubt that after watching 2x22 again... her eyebrows are becoming so manly that it's hard to tell :P Naah, just kidding, I just really hate her drawn on eyebrows from the last part of season 2 :P



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I'd like to see Rachael Leigh Cook (Daniel Gillies' wife) as Meredith...when I read the book, I pictured Meredith like her. I think she would be an awesome Meredith!!! And if like in the books Alaric and Meredith happen, then her and Matt Davis would look perfect together!!!! And it would be fun to see Matt Davis and Daniel Gillies joke about it...I can just picture the tweets...haha

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