Luc and Nora
Watch Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 16
"Leap of Faith"
Original Air Date:

Luc's visa issues cause problems for Sarah. Rebecca wrestles with Justin and herself after their huge loss, Kevin may break up with Robert, and Holly thinks she finds the hidden value of Ojai.

Moving Out, In
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 16
"The Chase"
Original Air Date:

On this week's episode, Celia comes down with the chicken pox. Also, Sam Page guest stars as Bree's new employee.

Big Lovers
Watch Big Love Season 4 Episode 8
"Next Ticket Out"
Original Air Date:

In "Next Ticket Out", Barb draws the wrong kind of attention at an all-ladies event while Marilyn is right on the tail of finding out what Bill is trying to keep secret. Margene may have her hands full with her new husband. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

Watch How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 3
"Paper, Denim + Dollars"
Original Air Date:

In "Paper, Denim + Dollars", Rene attempts to buy out his marketing partners for his energy drink; while Cam and Ben move one step closer in having their dreams become reality. Read our recap to find out what happened!

Phil Keoghan Photo
Watch The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 3
"Run Like Scalded Dogs!"
Original Air Date:

What a great title for this week's installment. It's called "Run Like Scalded Dogs!"

Raging Bender
Watch Futurama Season 2 Episode 12
"Raging Bender"
Original Air Date:

Bender gets into a fight at the movies, and gets discovered for his fighting skills. He then joins the Ultimate Robot Fighting League.

Smallville Cast Photo
Watch Smallville Season 9 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

This installment is titled "Conspiracy." During the hour, several of Zod's people are kidnapped.

Mr. Adama
Watch Caprica Season 1 Episode 5
"There is Another Sky"
Original Air Date:

This episode is titled "There is Another Sky." During the hour, Tamara befriends others in the virtual world.

Charity Gala
Watch The Deep End Season 1 Episode 6
"White Lies, Black Ties"
Original Air Date:

This episode is titled "White Lies, Black Ties." During the hour, Cliff tries to find a way back into Susan's life.

Watch Survivor Season 20 Episode 3
"Week 3"
Original Air Date:

This is third installment of the 20th edition of Survivor. We've ran it down in detail.