Girls on a Bench
Watch Girls Season 1 Episode 2
"Vagina Panic"
Original Air Date:

The girls must deal with unemployment and with a surprise pregnancy on the second episode of Girls.

Vice President Selina Meyer
Watch Veep Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

We meet Vice President Selina Meyer and her mostly inept staff on the series premiere of Veep. They really don't have a lot of power.

Caught and Tortured
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 19
Original Air Date:

Nikita is captured and tortured on this episode, while Percy keeps playing mind games with Michael.

Walter Gets Disturbing News
Watch Fringe Season 4 Episode 19
"Letters In Transit"
Original Air Date:

In 2036 the Observers and the Fringe team find themselves involved in an epic battle.

Answering the Call
Watch Supernatural Season 7 Episode 19
"Of Grave Importance"
Original Air Date:

An old hunter friend of Sam and Dean's reconnects with them on this episode of Supernatural. Jamie Luner guest stars.

Rosalee, Nick, & Ian Confront a Suspect
Watch Grimm Season 1 Episode 18
"Cat and Mouse"
Original Air Date:

Rosalee and Monroe protect a murder suspect from a creature bounty hunter on Grimm.

Walter & Leo Search For a Missing Man
Watch The Finder Season 1 Episode 10
"The Conversation"
Original Air Date:

Walter, Leo, and the FBI are all searching for a man with the only clue being a partial voicemail message he left for his family on The Finder.

Mary & Her Fugitive Father, James
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 6
"The Medal of Mary"
Original Air Date:

Who can Mary trust when her father returns putting her entire family in danger on In Plain Sight.

Kate & Ben Hear a Case
Watch Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 6
"What They Seem"
Original Air Date:

Kate and Ben defend the victim of an alleged police brutality against Justin and the police department while Lauren defends herself against a violation on Fairly Legal.

Andy Getting Angry
Watch The Office Season 8 Episode 21
"Angry Andy"
Original Air Date:

Angry Andy feels his manhood is in danger after returning from his romantic journey on The Office.