Amanda Woodward Photo
Watch Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

This is a significant episode of Melrose Place. Heather Locklear returns in it.

Poor Kelly
Watch 90210 Season 2 Episode 10
"To Thine Own Self Be True"
Original Air Date:

This is a sad episode of 90210. During the hour, Silver and Kelly bury their mother.

Power Down Pic
Watch NCIS Season 7 Episode 8
"Power Down"
Original Air Date:

The NCIS agents need to use other resources when an attempted robbery leads to the death of a Lieutenant and the entire city suffers a major blackout.

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Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

A Marine is found dead on this week's episode. It's titled "Ambush."

Peter Interview
Watch The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

Alicia handled a case defending a scientist accused of arson this week. The episode is titled "Unprepared."

In an Apron
Watch Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 7
"Black Friday"
Original Air Date:

On this week's episode, a troubled teenager think he was abducted as a child and turns to the Lightman Group to help him discover the secrets of his past. ...

Anna with her Visa
Watch V Season 1 Episode 3
"A Bright New Day"
Original Air Date:

This is V's third episode. During the hour, Chad reports on the fact that Visitors now have official American Visas.

From Service
Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

How will Sons of Anarchy follow last week's great 90-minute episode? With one titled "Service."

Powerful Peter
Watch Heroes Season 4 Episode 10
"Brother's Keeper"
Original Air Date:

The latest episode of Heroes is titled "Brother's Keeper." Find out what happens in it now.

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Watch One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 10
"You Are A Runner and I Am My Father's Son"
Original Air Date:

This is an extra long episode title for the week. The installment is called "You Are A Runner and I Am My Father's Son."