Michelle on B&S
Watch Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 19
"Wouldn't It Be Nice"
Original Air Date:

Nora finally gives in to her feelings for Brody, which leads to a spontaneous romantic getaway. Meanwhile Sarah and Luc closely consider growing their family.

High Class Lynette
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 18
"Moments in the Woods"
Original Air Date:

Susan thinks she can't lose following her kidney transplant. The result? Some serious gambling this week.

Awkward Family Guy Moment
Watch Family Guy Season 9 Episode 15
"Brothers & Sisters"
Original Air Date:

When Mayor West and Lois sister Carol get married, they move in with the Griffins. Stewie loses his room, and Peter becomes friends with Mayor West.

Flight Time and Big Easy Run
Watch The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 8
"I Cannot Deal With Your Psycho Behavior"
Original Air Date:

The remaining teams head to Austria in the next leg of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

Fun With Chemistry Photo
Watch Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 7
"Fun With Chemistry"
Original Air Date:

A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde escape from prison and go on a killing spree and the breakout kings race to catch them. Julianne tests the romantic waters with one of the kings.

Roxy on Army Wives
Watch Army Wives Season 5 Episode 7
"Strategic Alliances"
Original Air Date:

Pamela and Chase remarry in a beautiful ceremony. Denise suffers a bout of the flu and Claudia Joy receives some bad news. Read all of the details in this weeks review!

The Killing Screen Shot
Watch The Killing Season 1 Episode 4
"A Soundless Echo"
Original Air Date:

The Larsens plan their daughter's funeral; Rosie's friend unveils surprises about her life.

Lucrezia's Wedding Photo
Watch The Borgias Season 1 Episode 4
"Lucrezia's Wedding"
Original Air Date:

Lucrezia's financially and politically motivated wedding to Milanese nobleman Giovanni Sforza is a disaster thanks to Juan's inappropriately bawdy play.

Game of Thrones Premiere Pic
Watch Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1
"Winter is Coming"
Original Air Date:

The Game of Thrones series premiere has finally arrived. Read on for a detailed recap of events.

Fringe Cast Picture
Watch Fringe Season 3 Episode 19
"Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"
Original Air Date:

As the team tries to regain Olivia's consciousness, they go undercover using LSD with incredibly exciting results. Read all about this one of a kind Fringe episode in the review!