Magical Sookie
Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 7
"In The Beginning"
Original Air Date:

We delve into Salome's true intentions this week, while Alcide prepares himself for a fight and Sookie embraces her human side.

Dev Patel on The Newsroom
Watch The Newsroom Season 1 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

The Wisconsin protests take center stage on this episode of The Newsroom, while Neal tracks down someone who can provide updates of the riots in Egypt.

Nancy and Stevie
Watch Weeds Season 8 Episode 4
"Only Judy Can Judge"
Original Air Date:

Nancy yearns to bond with her son on this episode of Weeds. But her old life gets in the way.

Elaine Offers Bud an Opportunity
Watch Political Animals Season 1 Episode 2
"Second Time Around"
Original Air Date:

On Political Animals, when Elaine sends Bud to Iran to negotiate it thrusts him back into the spotlight and interrupts their son's engagement party. Douglas finds out his mother's future plans.

Walt, Jesse and Mike
Watch Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

We learn more about the company behind Los Pollos Hermanos on Breaking Bad this week, as Mike steps to the forefront and Walt carves out a new plan.

Eliot Hits the Ice
Watch Leverage Season 5 Episode 2
"The Blue Line Job"
Original Air Date:

On Leverage, the squad works to keep a hockey player from sustaining an injury when there is a plot to take down the team.

Bo's Ready For Battle
Watch Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 14
"Midnight Lamp"
Original Air Date:

On Lost Girl, Bo acquires an unlikely partner when she accepts a proposal from the Ash.

Travis & Wes in Therapy
Watch Common Law Season 1 Episode 9
"Odd Couples"
Original Air Date:

On Common Law, when a crime novelist is suspected of helping a criminal escape, Wes and Travis go on a stakeout to prove it.

Making Contact
Watch Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 7
"Consenting Adults"
Original Air Date:

On Saving Hope, Charlie tries make contact when one of Alex's surgeries goes awry and her patient ends up in a coma.

Will Sam Have Nick's Back?
Watch Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 7
"Leap of Faith"
Original Air Date:

On Rookie Blue, when Nick becomes part of an incident involving a missing witness, the team will do anything to find him, including speaking to a psychic.