Handsome Hero
Watch Human Target Season 1 Episode 3
"Embassy Row"
Original Air Date:

Chance searches for his friend's killer at the Russian embassy on this episode titled "Embassy Row."

Watch Heroes Season 4 Episode 16
"The Art of Deception"
Original Air Date:

Sylar pays Matt a visit this week. The episode is titled "The Art of Deception."

Wet Fight
Watch One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 14
"Family Affair"
Original Air Date:

This week's episode is titled "Family Affair." A fun cat fight breaks out during it.

The Third Man Scene
Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 13
"The Third Man"
Original Air Date:

This episode is titled "The Third Man." During the hour, a family returns from vacation to discover a dead man in their daughter's bed

House Lunch Date
Watch House Season 6 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

House tracks down a former colleague on this episode. It's titled "Remorse."

Fairytale Ball Picture
Watch Greek Season 3 Episode 11
"I Know What You Did Last Semester"
Original Air Date:

This is the first Greek episode of 2010. It's titled "I Know What You Did Last Semester."

Kristin Kreuk on Chuck
Watch Chuck Season 3 Episode 5
"Chuck Versus First Class"
Original Air Date:

Chuck is sent on his first solo mission to Paris this week. The episode is titled "Chuck Versus First Class."

As Cole Ortiz
Watch 24 Season 8 Episode 4
"Day 8: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM"
Original Air Date:

Ready for another hour of 24? This one kicks off at 8 p.m. EST.

Jake at Dinner
Watch The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 4
"Season 14, Week Four"
Original Air Date:

Jake Pavelka narrows the field of Bachelorettes yet again and more drama is concocted for no reason.

Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 2
"Home Inspected"
Original Air Date:

This installment is titled "Home Inspected." Nate and Cate have to prove to the social worker that their homes are adequate for a child to live in. We delve deeper into the life Lux had pre parentals.