In Israel
Watch NCIS Season 6 Episode 25
Original Air Date:

This is the sixth season finale of NCIS. Check out a summary of "Aliyah."

He'd Kill For Her
Watch The Mentalist Season 1 Episode 23
"Red John's Footsteps"
Original Air Date:

Jane manages to track down a blind woman who had a relationship with Red John on the season 1 finale of The Mentalist.

Will Schuester Image
Watch Glee Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

Let's take a look at the series premiere of Glee. It premieres on Fox following the finale of American Idol's eighth season.

Blair Photo
Watch Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 25
"The Goodbye Gossip Girl"
Original Air Date:

Serena decides to take down Gossip Girl after she sends out a blast in mid-commencement. But will she succeed? Also, Chuck and Blair finally, after all this time ...

Charlie Coaches Judith
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 24
"Baseball with Better Steroids"
Original Air Date:

Alan runs into Charlie's ex, Mia, at a coffee shop; Judith goes into labor.

Poor Peyton
Watch One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 24
"Remember Me As A Time Of Day"
Original Air Date:

Released from the Chiefs, Nathan is forced to face Haley and Jamie. Peyton prepares to give birth, as she and Lucas receive a vist from Karen.

Ted and the Goat
Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Episode 24
"The Leap"
Original Air Date:

It's Ted's 31st birthday; Barney gets ready to profess his love to Robin; and Marshall wants to take the leap.

Mike Gets Married
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 24
"If It's Only In Your Head"
Original Air Date:

Carlos's niece, Ana, moves into the Solis home. Susan and MJ's lives are in danger from Dave.

Watch Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 23
"Everybody Says Don't (Season 5)"
Original Air Date:

Gaby is upset when Carlos' family comes by to visit and wants them to take care of Carlos' niece.

Peter's Progress Pic
Watch Family Guy Season 7 Episode 16
"Peter's Progress"
Original Air Date:

Peter learns from Cleveland's Jamaican psychic cousin Madame Claude through a palm reading that he had a fascinating past life as Griffin Peterson a dignified gentleman.