Mischa Collins Promo Pic
Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 16
"Dark Side of the Moon"
Original Air Date:

This installment is titled "Dark Side of the Moon." Pamela Barnes returns in it.

Emily Deschanel Promo Pic
Watch Bones Season 5 Episode 15
"The Bones on the Blue Line"
Original Air Date:

This is the first Bones episode after a long hiatus. It's titled "The Bones on the Blue Line."

Young Walter
Watch Fringe Season 2 Episode 15
Original Air Date:

Ready to see how it all began? This week's episode, "Peter", takes us back to Walter and his younger days. Walter explains to Olivia his experiments from the 1980s and where Peter is truly from.

Simon (FlashForward)
Watch FlashForward Season 1 Episode 13
"Better Angels"
Original Air Date:

Janis, Simon and Vogel travel to Somalia in search of clues to a mysterious tow. Bryce tells Nicole that he has cancer. Olivia attempts to get Charlie to tell her what she saw in her flashforward.

Amanda Guarded By Danielle
Watch Survivor Season 20 Episode 7
"I'm Not A Good Villain"
Original Air Date:

The Villains try to rebound from a strange tribal council. Check out what else happened in our full recap.

The iPad Line
Watch Modern Family Season 1 Episode 19
"Game Changer"
Original Air Date:

It's Phil's birthday and all he wants is an iPad; Cameron becomes obsessed with spying on the neighbors through a baby monitor; Jay goes up against Manny and Gloria in chess.

Sheryl Crow / Grayson Duet
Watch Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 19
"Everything Man"
Original Air Date:

Grayson becomes pursey-whipped by Sara; Travis picks up photography; Jules gets her bathroom redone; Andy tries to get sex from Ellie.

In London
Watch Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 18
"London Calling"
Original Air Date:

In "London Calling", Betty is off to London Fashion Week, accompanied by Amanda and Hilda. Meanwhile, Daniel unsuccessfully tries to bond with Tyler. Read our full recap to fin out what happened!

Tanarak Scene
Watch Human Target Season 1 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

This episode is titled "Tanarak." Chance journeys to an Alaskan island to search for a missing doctor and get to the bottom of a corporation's role in a miner's death.

Randy Gets Cancer
Watch South Park Season 14 Episode 3
"Medicinal Fried Chicken"
Original Air Date:

Randy gives himself cancer in order to buy medicinal marijuana; Cartman joins a Kentucky Fried Chicken smuggling ring when the chain is outlawed.