Watch One Tree Hill Season 3 Episode 18
"When It Isn't Like It Should Be"
Original Air Date:

Rachel invites the gang for a weekend getaway at her family's cabin. Craziness will ensue, including a game of "I Never" which will caus...

Frat Party Flashback
Watch Scrubs Season 5 Episode 17
"My Chopped Liver"
Original Air Date:

Carla is forced to do Kelso's normal job of rejecting people's requests; J.D.'s patient who gets a liver transplant recovers while his brother who donated gets worse.

Name of the Game Photo
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 22
"Name of the Game"
Original Air Date:

As the episode opens, Meredith is knitting and swearing off men. During March Madness. At Joe's. Talk about cool. Almost as much so a...

Felicia Tillman Returns
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 18
"Everybody Says Don't"
Original Air Date:

Bree takes an interest in Peter, a recovering sex addict; Lynette ends up testifying for Bree uduring the trial; Dr. Ron tells Edie about Susan and Karl's sham marriage.

The Hunting Trip
Watch Big Love Season 1 Episode 4
Original Air Date:

Bill goes hunting with his son Ben; Barb tries to get accredited as a full-time teacher; and Nicki realizes she can't pay off her credit card debt.

Watch The Office Season 2 Episode 19
"Michael's Birthday"
Original Air Date:

Michael's birthday arrives, but everyone ignores his special day because they're more concerned about poor Kevin, who's anxiously awaitin...

Watch One Tree Hill Season 3 Episode 17
"Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them"
Original Air Date:

The aftermath of the school shooting and the death of Jimmy Edwards forces everyone in Tree Hill to examine their lives. Nathan reassess...

No Wine for You
Watch Scrubs Season 5 Episode 16
"My Bright Idea"
Original Air Date:

J.D. and Turk finds out Carla is pregnant before she does. J.D. convinces Turk to tell everyone in the hospital to surprise Carla.

Watch Family Guy Season 4 Episode 22
"Sibling Rivalry"
Original Air Date:

When Peter gets a vasectomy, he loses his sex drive, causing Lois to get depressed and gain weight. Meanwhile, Stewie's half-brother Bertram returns to confront him and they have a battle for control of the playground.

Carlos and Gaby Adopt
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 17
"Could I Leave You?"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Ron breaks up with Susan after her anesthesia confessions; Gay and Carlos find an attractive mother to adopt from; Andrew tells Bree he'll tell the judge she sexually abused him.

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