Jungle Meeting
Watch Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

The colony must be protected on this episode of Terra Nova. Is Jim up to the task?

Wade and Zoe
Watch Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 6
"The Undead and The Unsaid"
Original Air Date:

Zoe gets into a car accident this week... with a ghost?!? It's a Halloween-themed episode of Hart of Dixie.

I Am Number Nine Pic
Watch Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 6
"I Am Number Nine"
Original Air Date:

Blair makes all of her former minions and Charlie compete to secure the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding.

Chase and Taub
Watch House Season 8 Episode 5
"The Confession"
Original Air Date:

It's the return of Chase and Taub! The rejoin the team on this episode of House.

An Important Meal
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 7
"Always in Control"
Original Air Date:

Bree is stunned to find out who dug up Gaby's stepfather's body on Desperate Housewives. You will be, too, once you read our review.

The Nuckster
Watch Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 7
"Peg of Old"
Original Air Date:

There's a family reunion for Margaret this week, while a decision will impact Jimmy. Read for a rundown of Boardwalk Empire.

Carrie Preston on The Good Wife
Watch The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 7
"Executive Order 13224"
Original Air Date:

On The Good Wife, Alicia goes up against the US Government to protect her client and Peter digs up dirt on Will. How far is Peter willing to go to take down his romantic and professional rival?

Pan Am Still
Watch Pan Am Season 1 Episode 7
"Truth or Dare"
Original Air Date:

Gaius Charles guest stars on this week's episode of Pan Am. The actor plays a sailor.

In Malawi
Watch The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 7
"Move Goat"
Original Air Date:

The teams race through Malawi this week. They encounter a patriotic Roadblock along the way.

Saul on Homeland
Watch Homeland Season 1 Episode 6
"The Good Soldier"
Original Air Date:

It's polygraph time. Following the suicide of last week's terrorist, everyone associated with him at the CIA undergoes this test.