Kathy Griffin on The Defenders
Watch The Defenders Season 1 Episode 17
"Nevada v. Greene"
Original Air Date:

A dead body discovered in a hot tub, an unknown killer, and guest star Kathy Griffin are all elements on this week's The Defenders.

Tess and Lionel
Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 16
Original Air Date:

It's Lionel vs. Tess this week! They battle over the Luthor name.

Dean and Rufus
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 16
"...And Then There Were None"
Original Air Date:

Sam, Dean and Bobby embark on a search this week. They are after The Mother of All's latest monster.

Da Sitch
Watch Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10
"A Cheesy Situation"
Original Air Date:

Sammi returns to the house; Snooki's feelings for Vinny deepen; Mike believes a hook-up smells like cheese.

Kate Reed in Court
Watch Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 7
"Coming Home"
Original Air Date:

A major client of Reed & Reed's asks Kate to mediate what appears to be a simple financial matter... but it then evolves into an issue of identity theft. Uh-oh.

Sexy Ninjas Picture
Watch Archer Season 2 Episode 6
"Tragical History"
Original Air Date:

Cyril agrees to work with George Spelvin to try and gain the respect of the ISIS team.

Phil at the Spa
Watch Modern Family Season 2 Episode 17
"Two Monkeys and a Panda"
Original Air Date:

Phil sneaks off for a day at the spa this week. Meanwhile, Cameron decides to write a book.

Prentiss in Danger
Watch Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 17
Original Air Date:

Prentiss begins to feel the heat after Morgan and Prentiss assist in solving a series of suspicious murders that involves Prentiss old Interpol nemesis.

All-Stars at Work
Watch Top Chef Season 8 Episode 12
"Give Me Your Huddled Masses"
Original Air Date:

It's off to the open water for the All-Stars thi week. They must create food while at sea.

It's a Leaf Pic
Watch Off the Map Season 1 Episode 8
"It's a Leaf"
Original Air Date:

Lily and Dr. Cole rescue three brothers trapped in an abandoned gold mine, while Mina learns a life changing lesson during a native birth ritual.