AJ Weston
Henry Rollins plays AJ Weston on Sons of Anarchy. No shock here: he's a white supremacist.

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Who wrote this comment? Jackass! Judging a book by its cover is a very early lesson, like grade 2. Did his tats and short hair draw you to this conclusion ahole?


Henry Rawlins is the very opposite of AJ Weston. Anyone with a brain knows that. He is a very, very liberal guy. More then anyone I know, anyhow. He has done what he can to promote equality at every turn. Even in the face of a personal tragedy that cost him then life of a very close friend. The type of incident that might make a lesser guy lose his tolerance. But not Henry. He is like the very opposite of a racist. I have seen actors cast that way before. Maybe if you hate the role you will portray them as more evil. Anyhow, he is doing a marvelous job, and the show is getting better and better.


Yeah - if you ever met and had a conversation with the guy, you'd find he's just the opposite. You rock, Hank!


no surprise he's a white supremacist? Are you implying he was ever racist? Dumb asshole.

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Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She's the gatekeeper.


Jax: You want to be an old lady, then act like one! Do you what you're told! Pack your shit and head back to Charming.
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