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Chantal O'Brien on The Bachelor. She's one of Brad Womack's finalists.

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I feel that Brad should of pick chantal because i will tell you that Emily is fake and she is not the right one for Brad. Look how many times now she has taken that ring off and back on and again it is off he would of been better off with Chantal and should of choose her. I feel that Emily thought that she would get her way with Brad all of the time and she semms to which is wrong. She thinks it is Emily's way or no way, if Emily leaves Brad again he should go to Chantal or he should of elimated Emily made it between Chantal and Ashley he would of at least had a finance today that loved him. Emily wanted to have another baby to keep ahold of Brad. Brad i wish you all of the luck with that one. Ashley is cute and she will be a great bachelorette and i hope that she finds the right guy because she deserves to be happy and the right guy will come along and sweep her off of her feet.

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