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Kaldrick has a lot to think about after his actions to conclude The L.A. Complex Season 2. A whole lot.

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Andra Fuller and Benjamin Watson are doing an excellent job living out the lives of their charaters.For most African American DL men and many DL men of color,displaying the EPITOME OF MASCULINITY is the facade behind which they LIVE/HIDE. Emasculation (being called a fagg...) is their "VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH" for which they are in constant fear. Being loved is their salvation. The writers of the LA Complex Kal and Tariq storyline seem to understand this truth very well. Thank You.

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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Raquel: I hate nature.
Connor: You can't call this nature. There's a Coffee Bean like a hundred meters away.

Abby: Filipinos 4:13.
Donald: It's Philippians. Not Filipinos.