Sexy Smirnoff
Gulp! Karina Smirnoff has some serious dancing - and flexibility - talents. We could watch her shake it all day long.

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It's funny you write about the blogger/critic dtiniety issue because just a few days ago, I started grappling with the very same question and put some thoughts down in a draft (hopefully it will turn into a post once life calms down . . . ).I agree that it depends very much on the blogger his/her background, situation/place within the dance world, particular aim and project, etc. As I have learned, critic is by no means the default label for people who blog about dance. I don't see myself as a critic but more as a historian, advocate, chronicler, participant-observer, and educator. Nonetheless, I know some of my posts may be read as reviews, and I'm wondering if some of them can be/should be classified as such. Something to think about . . .

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Well, it's obvious that you've got dancing in your blood. Unfortunately, it hasn't reached your feet.


I'm really good at doing whatever beautiful women tell me to do.

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