Erika Slezak has starred on One Life to Live. But she's shown displeasure in her storylines to start 2009.
Erika Slezak is a veteran of the soap opera world. She plays Victoria on One Life to Live.
Always a fan favorite, Erika Slezak poses for the camera.
Erika Slezak is seen here in her waitress attire as Viki. The One Life to Live star is always a hit with viewers.
Erika Slezak is coming back to One Life to Live after an on-screen vacation in Paris. Paris, Texas.
Erika Slezak is a veteran of the One Life to Live World. She takes a yearly vacation and then makes a grand return.

One Life To Live Quotes

Antonio: What would you call that, Jessica?
Jessica: Doing what I have to do. Mitch has hurt my family in every way possible and I want to make sure that not only does he pay, that he never hurts my family again.
Antonio: Oh yeah? Well, not tonight you're not.

Natalie: Everything's going to be fine, guys. Just - just do what he says.
Flash: How can you be so calm?
Natalie: I don't know if I am calm, okay? I just - I've been through worse.
Flash: Yeah? Like what?
Natalie: Oh, like being strapped to a table and your grandfather ready to cut your heart out.
Flash: Oh. Yeah, you got me beat, then. Never mind