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Roll on Muddy River
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Roll on Muddy River Lyrics

It's righteousness is shining
It walks on ruby shoes
There's not too much of nothing
You cannot make it do
I cross the muddy river
To dig a diamond mine
I got a good thing working
On diamond mining time
I got some cotton candy
I got a spool of thread
I'm gonna weave a basket
And put it on my head
Inside the mighty basket
I carry rattlesnakes
You got to be a monkey
To see the sense it makes
You said you'd make it grow
[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/automatic-mojo-lyrics-meat-puppets.html ]
You said you'd make it green
But I see dusty fields
Broken rock is all I see
And all around me
I see your storm clouds
Another lies about to fall
It seemed like it was real
Felt like water to my skin
But I stepped through the rainbow
And saw the desert deep within
And all around me
Are roaring waters
But I won't let me
Be swept away
And all around me
I see the Pharaohs
I see collections
Of hats and guns

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