Who is your favorite from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4.

A Little Too Much To Drink

I do get why the girls have somewhat of an issue with Lisa. But, I do like Lisa at the same time. My favorite is Brandi, she is sincere and has feelings that are genuine. She also has every right to be upset for Lisa having that waitress show up at events and at her house. She shouldn't be inviting her to work at functions end of story. She slept with Brandis husband when Brandi was pregnant. I mean really, friends don't do that or want to bring up things or magazine to hurt Kyle. But, I do believe Lisa cares for Brandi and Kyle but is mean at times which I don't understand why Lisa would want to hurt her friends. Also, like Kyle, Yolanda and Carlton. Carlton and Kyle need to make up more and be civil to each other. I genuinely don' t think Kyle meant anything when asked is that a jewish star, Carltons hair was covering it somewhat and Carlton was insuliting acting like a jewish star is AWFUL - Hello Kyle is jewish. In reality I think Carlton was more insulting to Kyle. Then again, I also like Carlton for her different beliefs and sexual ways and doesn't care to be different. Carlton just needs to make up wiith Kyle. Kim I like but she's not as exciting to watch so sorry but my honest opinion. Joyce is just sorry annoying, kinda I told you so and thinks she's perfect. Joyce I don't think will ever fit in she's just boring.


I think Lisa Venderpump is full of class and is a very business smart woman who gives back to her community by providing jobs and real friendship to her family and friends. Carlton is just as beautiful of a person to me and I am Baptist. I am very social and running all the time but I do love to take the time for Lisa and Carlton. I only wish I could be apart of the zip code.


Lisa Vanderpump and Carlton Gebbia DO NOT have the same accent any more than a person who grew up in Boston has the same accent as a person who grew up in the Deep South. It is very easy to tell between Lisa and Carlton who has the cultured, refined and upper class accent and who has the coarse, rough and lower-class accent. One would be at home having tea with the Queen and the other would be at home on the docks with the sailors in Liverpool

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