Dan as Gossip Girl: Satisfying conclusion?


well,I always knew that it is him so... thats not some big suprise to me. but stupid he should go from new york and be with vanessa in spain. and after all he said to serena in season five they get married plus they re sharing a brother. no,no.no


What a disappointing twist. Going back through the season's it doesn't even make sense that Dan was gossip girl, i mean the way he would be shocked at the GG blasts even when he was by himself in his room. How the whole time he was just stalking Serena and using everyone to get power. Made him look like a crazy freak with some serious mental problems. And no to mention the half brother that Serena and Dan shared, i wonder why he wasn't invited to the wedding huh? All up it was a rushed and not very planned out ending what a way to ruin a whole six years good job writers.
And who am i? thats a secret i'll probably and it will make no sense.

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