Did America eliminate the right contestant on American Idol?

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i love joshua voice and the emotions he sings with, jessica has a nice voice but i really thing that she needs to be more mature,phillip on the other hand gie me a sense of pure joy when i watch him sing the way he moves like the music is running through him which alot of people wouldnt understand. i wish all of them the best and may the best one win.


Skylar should win it all.


I wish it was Phillip Phillips who was sent home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I switch the channel whenever he is about to do whatever it is that he does!!!!!!!


Hollie's attitude about herself and her fellow contestants is amazing. Never has she shown any attitude for her seat in the bottom 3. She smiles and shows what I consider great strength as a person and performer. She also has the purest voice of all of the contestants and that is why she is still in the running, in spite of the judges who have tried week after week to affect the voting public, there are those of us who see Hollie as a real winner in singing and in life. I will vote for her as all of her fans, she deserves to be the next American Idol.


I would not pay to hear Elise sing although I would go to a bar to listen to her...as for Hollie she doesn't do it for me either...I still think Colton should be in this...Colton Skylar and Joshua should have been the final 3...they saved Casey last year and lost PIA...smh...but glad to see Elise gone


Elise is immensely talented, and I think, much more entertaining than Hollie, and Jessica for that matter. I was surprised and a bit irritated that the judges chose to save her. She has a beautiful voice, but I think she is too young to know who she really is, and the whole alter ego thing makes me want to smack her. Very immature. I would've rather seen her go before either Hollie or Elise. I think Elise will do just fine - it's stupid how good her voice is. I'm sure we'll hear from her again.


Elise comes with the full professional package , she is much more versatile ,has a better range,and interesting sound. Elise is
Captivating as a performer . Like all performers she needs to learn more about marketing herself to all audiences. It's ashame
That America has to vote,America should have something to say ( opinion only ) deciding vote NO !!! Professionals should
Leave who goes and who stays to unbiased professionals only . Elise is definitely in the top two finalist. This girl will make it
In this business, she will improve after every performance. I remember when John Mair started his professional carrer, he has
Improved over his performances. Go back and look. Elise has stage presence she belongs there . I wish her all the luck. I wish
All the contestants luck . Bob


Elise is a hardworking performer and she brings her own touch to her raspy awesome voice, she connects with the audience im sorry holly does not.
why do we keep getting this wrong???