On the episode "Choke," Glee featured a storyline about Coach Beiste getting a black eye from her husband. Did this go too far?

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Sorry, I meant to say Coach Beiste in my previous comment. Not Coach Sylvester.


I think Glee did a brilliant job on this issue because how Coach Sylvester ended up handling her situation in the end, despite what she was portraying to outsiders, is more realistically and authentically the painful truth about how victims of domestic violence oftentimes deal with it. This was not a sterilized portrayal of domestic violence where the issue was brought out in the open and the victim dumped the abuser; end of story. It is vastly more complicated. Domestic violence is so insidious, victims often accede to a false sense of shame and secrecy, and the desperation to try and make things better if they only gave it one more try. But I agree with the previous commentator. I hope that Glee does not leave this story to this one episode. It deserves to be revisited and the story brought out over time in order to do it justice.


I applaud the fact that Glee raised the issue of domestic violence. Cultural acceptance of violence against women can be lessened by popular media channels. However, I hope that the show will give it more air time, and not gloss over it, as appeared to happen in this most recent episode. On average, a woman will try to leave her abusive partner around seven times, and leaving is the most dangerous part of a violent relationship. It is not simply (though there is nothing simple about it) emotional dependence and lack of self esteem, though those play a role as well. It has to do with a system of abuse that tears her down on emotional, intellectual, and physical levels. Women are more likely to be killed while attempting to flee an abusive situation than staying in it; this is the reason so many women stay. Please give the storyline its due: I expected more from Coach Sylvester, so I hope there is some kind of growth for the characters offering advice to "just leave him", and more understanding that if this were a real relationship, Coach Beist would be staying because Cooter would be tearing her down on other levels as well. I am confident that Glee can be smart enough to handle this topic -- please give it the air time to do so.

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