Kurt sent many flirtatious text messages with someone else on Glee. Blaine believed he cheated. Do you agree?

Dancing Blaine

The episode was amazing If you dont like it stop watching glee you phony ignoamous.


I am sick of people being overly critical of Glee. Where else would you find a show that embraces all the things that Glee does?
I wasnt crazy about the whole Joe/Quinn storyline either- but that doesnt ruin the whole episode-I loved Darren Chris' version of Its Not Right But Its Ok, and Chris Coifers version of I have nothing was amazing. They even included a line from Britney about Cheetahs-that had me lol. Not to mention there was yet another touching scene between Kurt and his Dad. This episode was far from a total loss, and people need to start appreciating that there is nothing like this on tv or fox will pull the plug.


But on the other hand, this is Glee, why should I be disappointed? It won't be the last time. This season has been highs and some deep lows on output material for Glee episodes. I'll still be watching to my dismay and I'll enjoy or be at a loss for words again til the end of this season.


Matt, your review was absolutely perfect. I don't agree with you about some of the episodes but this one was absolutely horrendous. Thrown together with a fast written outline of what the script was and what to film and with whom. Need to get in as many songs as possible. Whitney was my idol and my contemporary whom I've listened to since her start. Even How will I know was a let down. That was the better one. The rest was aweful. I see know chemistry and never did between Kurt and Blaine so this contrived stupid story for angst was a bomb. Don't get me started on Quinn and Joe-yuck. I really enjoy Finn and Rachel but the background PDA and stuff in this episode was just overdone. I have to say this was the worst so far. Seen other forums and you are right avid gleeks just ooh and aah over it. I used to be 1 of them. I don't know how Glee could rush an epi so much to really do a disservice to an icon's music. But it did. I'm really disappointed. But on the other hand, why should I be this is Glee. Moments of really great prose and musical talent to the lowest of the lows. Good job Matt. I'd hate to have your job. Being truthful and up front with

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