Do you like Gibbs and Ryan as a couple on NCIS?

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    Please, please no more JLC....awful attempt at matchmaking.


    really dislike JLC, to the point it makes me not want to watch. Bring back Holly Snow if they need a complicated romantic interest


    bring back col mann. get rid of vance transfer tony to be seen once a year


    I agree on the JLC point. I keep waiting for her to do something that really rubs Gibbs the wrong way to the point that he can't even stand to look at her. I'm there already. The cast I actually tune in to see are practically nonexistent because of her and this thing with Gibbs. I love Gibbs, but it seems for all those episodes if he's there, so is she. He walks into a room, she's right behind him. Come on! Get back to the old team, including Gibbs - by himself! I love NCIS, but I can see the show making a turn for the worse if "Doc" is made a *choke* regular or even semi-regular. Or even there, ever again. I certainly haven't enjoyed it lately the way I usually do. Please bring back the NCIS we love!


    I know it's a stupid reason to not like Ryan, but I miss Jenny (even now after all this time) and even the most well matched woman (which Ryan is not) wouldn't do for Gibbs in my mind now.
    Sigh... I'm hopeless.


    I thought the question was too defined--I would like to see a good working relationship between Ryan and Gibbs, a little flirtation, but spare us having to deal with the "sack" time. That's TMI, and the series doesn't need that. Keep the Army Colonel in Hawaii; perhaps Gibbs and team can go there for a case, they can meet up, have a nice dinner, or maybe an early breakfast, and Gibbs and team come home. I, too, would love to see more of Abby's brother's case, and it would be nice to close the books on Jenny's father's situation. I think we liked the interaction between Jenny and Gibbs, because they were remembering what was now in the past. A lovely interlude, nice and supportive for both, but over (but not forgotten) in today's world. And we think about what might have been... And not Kate's sister for Gibbs either. Maybe for Tony? She'd keep him hopping..... I also missed Palmer.


    Please bring back Army colonel, if you want a love interest for Gibbs. they had very sexy sparks together.
    Curtis just does not fit well with him. Something odoesn't seem right when they are together.
    And this episode was not the usual good writing we,have come to expect. It did not flow right. I kept losing my attention.


    I didn't see any chemistry between Curtis and Harmon. Respect between the characters, yes. Attraction, no.


    Episode not up to the NCIS that I have come to know and love. If they want Doc Ryan in series now and then, that is Ok, but not for a love interest. A little flirtation is OK and leave it at that.


    Unfortunately, this episode just wasn't up to par. As I've watched other Bellisario shows, you could always tell a show that Bellisario wrote. There was depth to it and always interesting. Acting good, but writing...? I agree, imagination is better than "the sack." Love Jamie Curtis, but not as love interest for Gibbs. As he is "softening up" why would he go with a harsher personality? I thought Jenny had been a better fit. Would love to see storyline explaining the real deal with Jenny's father and follow-up with Abby's brother.