What grade would you give The Following premiere?

Return of Ryan Hardy

Yes I agree the violence was over the top but I enjoyed the show and hope to find out more about Kevin Bacon's character is future episodes


I really disliked this show and had been looking forward to seeing Kevin Bacon again - on TV. It's about a serial killer and his band of degenerate followers, now budding serial killers or helpers. While I enjoyed watching Kevin Bacon, the show was nauseatingly disturbing. I could not convince myself that this serial killer could convince anyone to serve him. The plot was weak and I could not understand why the Kevin Bacon character didn't blow the guys brains out when he had the chance. Only God could redeem that man. I will not watch "The Following" again. This is probably strange of me but I really like "Dexter" and it's bloody. That show is well written and thought provoking. "The Following" just made me cringe and I know that watching more will just upset me while annoying me. Killing off the survivor sickened me; what a waste of a life - not that the other deaths were not also a waste but killing the doctor so brutally made me want to puke. Can this show before it does more harm.


just watched the following pilot...please keep this show on ..it is fantastic and love the plot line and acting...could be another homeland...


Just what we needed, another show with graphic depictions of violence . . . NOT. I don't watch Criminal Minds or Law and Order SVU for the same reason. There was one episode of SVU that actually gave me nightmares, and I'm not normally prone to them - at all. I for one am saying ENOUGH to graphic, detailed violence on my TV screen.


The "premier" episode was garbage. Dull, contrived, silly, you name it. Additionally, there is the ever-present stereotypical all-powerful, all-knowing, all-resourceful bad guy(like a 1930s 15 chapter serial)or 'Red John' from the Mentalist. Three hundred killer disciples?! Even Charles Manson couldn't conjure up that kind of following and he's real! The viewer has to suspend way too much disbelief to get around all of the schlock. Pathetically, Bacon's "he doesn't work or play well with others" character dates back to 'Dirty Harry' Callahan (or further!)and Clint Eastwood did a better job! The network is banking in Bacon's presence for success. That's like the Titanic banking on not hitting an iceberg. We all know how that turned out.


Not as good as it should be.

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