What grade would you give the first half of season four of 90210?

A 90210 Thanksgiving

I am quite disappointed with the fact that not every other cast member gets promoted like Annalyne Mccord does which is unfair because others like Jessica Lowndes, Tristan Wilds and Gia Zinsler should be given more screen time. I mean this is just ridiculous because Annalynne Mccord's character for me not that interesting and must give the three mentioned co-stars should be promoted as most the story-lines ends up about Dixon Wilson leading as the main guy cast anyways, so I really do not see the relevance of Matt lanter being put on billboard charts when both Tristan and Matt are as popular as it each other and the producers and medias out-let on those popularity is unfair as they clearly know the truth on each characters popularity's. If anyone that is reading this comment will soon realize the truth as to the fact that Tristan, Annalnne, both the Jessica's and Lanter are the main cast and that the rest are just followers.

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