Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will it last?

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i think that dair is the best couple of ever, they are qute, funny they are magical! and his relationship is more than drama and sex, chair it´s all about sex an game, Dair it´s about true love


I keep hearing from Dair haters that Dan and Blair belong to Serena and Chuck.Please Stop this nonsense.They are all free to have feelings for anyone they want. This 'belong' shit has already caused too much harm to the show. Love can not an obligation. When it starts to feel like one, that's your cue to get the fuck out.


@Chair. it's Dair and really? are we watching the same show?


Exactly Jeanne, agree 100%


Blair has been happy with Chuck for four years?? Are you 12?? Are you blind?? Do you smoke?? Why do they break up again and again??? Do you think a girl telling "you broke my heart" is a happy girl??? You don't know what true love is!!


dair is literally the worst couple ever. chuck and blair will always end up together. they are endgame. and dair fans, get use to people hating your couple, because in the end chair with have the last laugh
chuck and blair= true love!
this show has destroyed blairs character. i like serena better now. i miss the exciting and intresting and powerful blair. its funny how we see the intresting and loveable blair with chuck and how it all changes when blair starts seeing dan. boring.


Why the hell do all Blan fans think Chair shippers are only fans of Chuck? We also care about Blair's happiness. And she's been happy for the past 4 years with him. Blan obviously won't last, so I don't see why your all getting your hopes up. Troll all you want on here, CB is true love. One of Blair's flings will not dent Chair's relationship.


And Sacha, the real question is:
How many Chair fans turned on Dair?
How many Dair fans turned on Chair? Many Chair fans can't stand Chuck anymore and the way he treated Blair and are now Dair fans because Dan makes Blair happy. You're right! Chair fans are Chuck fans, if tomorrow Chuck wants Dorota, they will ship them. They just want Chuck to win over Dan, whatever if Blair is sacrificed.


Chair fans are Chuck fans, they do'nt care about Blair's happiness, if Chcuk wanted Serena for example all of you will be Chuck/Serena fans or with the woman HE WANTS. We, dair fans we love Dan and Blair, both of them, we waited 5 seasons for Dair, seasons where Blair was with Nate, Chuck, Louis, Chuck... Anna : I don't see your apologies and your writing is a little confused...I even give my opinion here, I quote Blair, her words!


@chairforever88 I think you should change your name then. Something like Chucklover or "I like guys who trade woman" will be more appropriate.