Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will it last?

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I definitely think it can last. I'm loving them right now and feel they complement each other so much more than their previous significant others. It's been so much watching them going from enemies--frenemies--friends--and finally something more. I have always believed that the best foundation for a stable and great relationship is friendship, you have to be able to trust the person you are with....and I believe we've seen that with Dan and Blair.


i have a weird feeling that gossip girl will end with the blair-dan-chuck thing up in the air. like the end of "The rules of attraction" where the guy runs off in his motorcycle and he says "the only person i was thinking about (or something like that) was..." end credits. you never knew who he was thinking about.


WOW!...when the writers said they did not know how to end coz the fans are split 50/50 they were serious. LOOK AT THE POLL...it is split down the line..OMG!!


Treating you like shit, solding you for a hôtel, having sex with random girls everytime he's mad at you, not thinking about the consequences for you of his actions (the dowry). Seriously ? Chair fans ship a fake love full of schemes and take downs. I wonder why their lives are so pitiful that they need a show to reassure themselves that is love ...
So here is the thing.
Either you're an inexperienced person and not mature enough to know what true love is and what it means, go ahead, ship Chair because watching a couple where there is no respect for a woman is kind of fun to you.
Either you're a grown-up, rationnal, and convinced that a true love comes from a pure heart. Even if you know that Dair may not last (i hope they will be endgame though), you still ship Dair because the chemistry and the storyline of Dan and Blair is the greatest love story that has ever happened in GG.
Dair is love, great love, pure love, simple love, loyal love, PURE LOVE !


Depth. Hmm considering the fact that a poll showed that the majority of Chuck/Blair fans were under the age of 18 means they aren't fully mature. Their brains aren't fully developed yet. They don't understand what true love is. If they happen to be over 18 then I feel bad for them cause obviously they aren't mature enough to understand what a loving caring relationship is.I don't hate you, I actually pity you if you think an abusive scheming relationship is what true love is. Sad..


Lauren, if you think that joint campaigns in museum, theater and so on for in these love, then you're wrong! Of course they looked at a couple of movies together, and now that love to the grave? Even the fact that he had rescued her, does not speak of "eternal love"!!!


LOVE DAIR! They are the best couple on GG in years!


Rosa Rosa Rosa... Please, use your brain because you're embarassing yourself! You quote 1x04 and you forget to say Dan was the only person to talk to Blair when she had a fight with Serena (hallway scene). He convinced her to talk with Serena. What they have in common? Movies, art, museums... But you probably don't know what it is. And don't say Bluck is an epic love. You need to grow up to know what true love is.


a// I do. And it has nothing to do with what I'm saying. Dan has not always cared for Blair.
b// Do name me some common factors, please? And Chuck may be beautiful, but that is not why I ship Chair. Their relationship obviously has too much depth for Blan fans to understand.


1/ Do you know what "evolution" mean?
2/ They have nothing in common? Total denial... And by the way, I don't argue with Bluck fans who ship Bluck because "OMG! Chuck is beautiful"