Weigh in now and give a grade to season four of The Mentalist.

The Mentalist Season 4 Finale Photo
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    Top show, can't wait for season 5.
    Are we being misled, is Red John a woman????


    I love this show but am tired of the red john thing. get rid of him and move on otherwise i am moving on to another show.


    Awaiting of the five season


    Where is the new season , come quick can't wait...


    completely agree. every episode should have at least a thread of red john. i love this series and think simon baker is a wonderful actor but this season, in fully half the episodes, i felt embarrassed for him to have to play them. the quarterback, the dead cancer patient, the fashion designer, the drag queen, the winery, lisbon's brother, lisbon's old boyfriend, the high school hamlet, the magician, the undercover disco. they make the series feel lame and old-fashioned.
    please back to red john and the story arc. patrick is at his best when the show lets the darkness bubble through.


    omg the above comment is so right, the RJ episodes are always best and i think next season at least 50% of it should just focus on RJ, they are always the best episodes.


    I wish the show runner and writers would let more of the Red John story play out next season. Simon Baker is such a fantastic actor; on the non-Red John episodes, they are not letting him show the world what a good actor he is. it's sort of like using a Maserati to drive to McDonalds. Yeah, it gets you there in style, but no way does it show off what the vehicle can do. On that last two season-ending shows he's really demonstratd that he should be an Emmy nominee (and winner) but you have to give him the material to show off what he can do. We shouldn't have to wait for the last show of each season to see that!!!