What did you think of the 666 Park Avenue pilot? Sound off now!

Welcome to 666 Park Avenue

To all people who in these show! The devil is with you all! you are promoting the mark of the Beast to include in the title. The beast will rise up soon...there will be more natural disaster come to America and all the nation. Woe to the people who will be left behind! Everybody needs to prepare for the coming of our God.


I loved the pilot of 666 Park Avenue! I feel this show could really go somewhere. It has a lot of promise. I basically agree with the review. The name is why I feel a lot of people won't watch it. I really hope this show makes it, and at least makes it to the end of the season (Please). I am so let down when a show I really love gets canceled. I want "V" back too.


I pretty much agree with the review..i was a little dissapointed but am willing to watch a couple more shows to see if i should delete it off my dvr...

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