What did you think of the first half of The Vampire Diaries Season 4. Grade it now!

Grabbing Jeremy

no way in my opinion from ep 3 onwards its improved so much !! i would give it a b not a c .its exciting moving tragic .i love come all ye faithful and didnt really think much of Memorial .it certainly wasnt my favorite ep .


actually the reason she ended up with stefan in the books is because the publishers fired the author of the books because she wanted a Delena ending she was going by wat her heart told her and how she felt her characters and that's wat she felt. Publishers didn't like it so they fired her. And have u read the last book? The last 3 books? You can tell its someone else writing it and it doesn't make any sense at all. I about almost threw the book in disgust but thank God I didn't buy it, it was borrowed. Read the first books that are hers and u can tell the building and changing and the emotion in it especially with Damon and elena and then in the end she chooses stefan aeven tho the one she has a connection with is with Damon??? O_O that makes no sense to me but to each their own I guess


ok to be honest the whole demon and elena thing is a bust .
1) if they get together.. then what ??
2) demon betraying his brother wacked and the fact that elena approves even more .. makes her just look shallow .. not hard not cold not strong .
3) its choppy not beautiful ,Just not blissful nor enjoyable to watch them together .. Infact its when I change the station.
** Klaus is saving the show this season.
***Slow going with Jer... very Wise ...
**** The acting and writing on this show reguardless by all is amazing however, putting a real life couple together for the sake of ratings is not always the wisest choice .
You can't make damon right after all he has done and taking her down the path is just destructive to her character and the whole theme of show .. Vampire or not .. Sire bond is the one thing saving the plot ..
There is a reason she ends up with Step in book !!!


I think the last two episodes generated a great confusion. it's a pity

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