What grade would you give The Mentalist season 5?

Jane Confesses to Lisbon

I enjoyed this season to a certain degree, but I felt as though there was very little plot progression. Yes, Patrick is closer to catching Red John, with the list narrowed down to seven suspects, but after playing this cat and mouse game with Red John for so many years, I was hoping his identity would be revealed this season. I also think that the writers are starting to make Red John seem almost God-like, with his ability to apparently read Patrick's thoughts. Still, not a bad season, but I was expecting more. Hopefully season six won't disappoint - I'm hoping for more development on the Jane/Lisbon front, whether as a friendship or a romance, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of Cho, who seemed to drop into the background this season.


I am very tired of the Red JOhn thing. It's been done and redone, so can we just get over it please. It seems like a ploy for the writers when they don't feel like being creative, they just dig this up and slap it together. Sorry, it just doesn't interest me, so I tend to switch channels as soon as I see the Red John ploy reappearing, yet again.....

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