The Killing returned with a strong two-hour season two premiere. Give it a grade now.

The Killing Promo Pic

I liked the season 2 premiere. More information given than 5 or 6 episodes together from season 1. I swore I would not watch this season after the finale last year (I could not believe that they didn't identify the killer!!!) But I guess I am hooked again!!


This isn't a spoiler, because all of the episodes of Twin Peaks are available on Netflix: Stan Larsen, Rosie's father, killed her. He secretly suffers from multiple personality disorder, and his darker personality was shocked to find Laura in the Black Lodge one night and decided to kill her. This shouldn't be surprising because in Seattle, "The Owls Are Not What They Seem..." By the way, I'm writing a pilot for a new AMC series. It will be called S*H*A*M and be about a gorup of army doctors working in a mobile hospital in Afghanistan. I mean, really, I'm sure nobody's ever done a show like this, so why not?

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