And the Winner is?

Which CW star do you love more, Ian Somerhalder or Scott Porter? Vote in this first-round matchup as TV Fanatic crowns its first annual Top CW Star!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Ian Somerhalder

Scott Porter

Total Votes: 8668

don't know why porter was in the running..................


Ian Somerhalder is the best. He´s not just handsome, hot, sexy, charming but also a terrific actor who really bring out all my feeling of sadness, anger, sympathy, joy, fun when he´s on scree. He´s complete.And beside thathe´s an amazing human being, a true man worried abt our future, the future of our planet, the animals!! He deserves all the best!


yay Ian love this man!! Amazing actor and extremely hot :P


Yay go Ian Somerhalder :)

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