Who should take over for Cuddy on House?

Cuddy and Cop
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    They know this season? Cuddy is not going to be Cameron and perhaps not that bad is not fair season has to be Cuddy and Cameron for the eighth season is the best of all


    I totally agree with you Cameron Ailyn is best known to control the House and better than everyone and especially to Chase


    I want to see Cameron return. She's perfect for the role, being a character shown to be capable of handling House, who is well-known to the audience, who has plenty of character drama to play off (especially regarding Chase), and who would handle House in a very different way from the way Cuddy did. Sure, it would require some effort to get Jennifer Morrison to come back, but I really think it would be for the best. Failing that, I think the options provided in the poll are no good. If I were going to choose someone else, I'm tempted to suggest either Stacy, or Henry Dobson. Stacy's history with House would make for a very entertaining situation, while Henry's similarity of thought process with House would totally change the dynamic of the show. True, neither one is actually a doctor, but as an administrator, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. If I *had* to choose from the vote options, I'd probably have to go with Foreman, if only because he would play well into the role in terms of friction with House. But I'll say it again - Cameron is the best choice.


    Dr. Jeffrey Cole, Vogler, but really....... Cameron!


    I'm still making my case for Allison Janney. She either killed off, or managed to get killed, Mark Harmon's character on the West Wing. Hugh Laurie wants House to "go out with a bang..." so Ms. Janney would be a good choice. Death by association. The seven options available to us above are either unqualified, inappropriate or too weak.


    None of the above (or barring that, Wilson). Who the hell even brought up Big Love as an option? That is patently ridiculous. I'd say either George Wyner as Dr. Richardson the neurosurgeon (from Now What? and pretty much the only good portion of that episode), or Mira Sorvino as Dr. Cate Milton from "Frozen".