Sound off now on Justified Season 4 and give it a grade.

Will Drew Survive?

I have watched Justified since the first episode and it is the best on television. The season finale was fantastic, so much so that I watched the 11:00 rebroadcast after the 10:00 showing. When the "Elf" repeated Winona's line telling the bad guys they had a chance to live it they would leave before Raylon arrived was the best line of the night. We will be watching all four seasons again to carry us through until season 5 starts in January. Quite honestly, the quality of the show makes the wait worthwhile.


I DVR JUSTIFIED and watch it back with both the sound AND closed captioning working so I can catch most lines (and especially the snark!) Then, just before the finale, I marathon-watch all episodes again. It works! I have much better comprehension of all the different story arcs. When you do that, you can REALLY appreciate the stellar writing & acting. So A+++ from me.

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