What grade would you hand out to Suits Season 2?

Blood in the Water Scene

I love Suits, it is one of the shows I rarely miss viewing! Looking frward to the new season with great anticipation. There is so much on TV that does not have the quality and richness of the characters and storyline...thank you for giving us an intelligent and weell written, well played show!


Suits is best on tv...season 2 was good. most memorable lines:
Jessica to Harvey: "you will learn I can control you".
"boy, I just kicked your (butt)". Jessica invested in Harvey (paid Harvard tuition, hired him) & he has been putting her & the firm at great risk ever since. He doesn't seem to be nearly as loyal to her as she has been to him.
Harvey brought this on himself. season 3 should be interesting.


We love Suits! Please keep the new episodes coming!!!!

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