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Finch & Reese Are Curious

I agree that Root is an awesome villian, and I can't wait to see more of her, but is it just me or are we getting a lot of villians in POI. What about Reese's ex-partner Cara? What does she have planned and why does she have the bomb vest on Agent Snow? What about Wesley, the British Agent from the episode "Critical"? When will he reappear. HR with the Leader and Officer Simmons is still out there. And Finally (and my favorite) Elias is still running the show, even from Prison. Will Reese be able to avoid him while he's in jail??? We know Reese can play Chess, so maybe they will have a "friendly" game in the clink. Guess these questions will be answered (at least some of them) in the 2nd half of the season....


Really good observations, Sean. Your "A" rating has definitely been earned by this outstanding show! Some thoughts that come to mind:
- Most shows/stars steer way clear of babies - and dogs; kudos to POI for having the confidence to add one to their cast! (And they did so right in the middle of Harold being held hostage by Root! And they fearlessly did an entire episode, "Baby Blue", S1/E17 - with a baby - awwwwwwwwwwwww). This show has gonads.
- I really like the Nathan character and hope POI will show more of him, and
- Hope that finally we will learn how Harold got that limp! (And that Nathan is still alive - we never saw him die)!


I agree with all your points. The show is great and I really hope it'll make it to five seasons. I have been slightly disappointed not to see more of the machine though so I'm crossing my fingers that it recognizes a threat to continued operations in 2 PI R, purges all digital traces of Reese including his fingerprints and saves the day...


This show's 2nd season has been superb! No sophomore slump here! Having Jonah & Greg at the helm is the icing on the cake. All of the actors have taken complete ownership of their characters. The writers have the interaction between these great characters down perfect, using each actors own personality to 'flesh out' each character. I am still in awe at the casting genius of Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson......flawless! The continued hints about the over all story arc is done perfectly....even if just mentioning the name of a recurring villain like Reese mentioning Root during Shadow Box. This is what GOOD TV is all about. And as the viewer ship #s climb.......it's obvious more & more people are discovering what a great show this is! I count down the hours from one Thursday to the next!


I agree, the addition of BEAR was genius. This is such a well-written show. The way the writers are using flashbacks to develop the characters over time results in the viewer getting completely invested in the series. I simply would NEVER miss an episode!

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