What is your take so far on the final season of Weeds?

In North Carolina

I've had to agree about most of your comments, although I'm thinking that Nancy set Jill up with the college-drug gig as a one time, "make some big money to start a new life with" arrangement. As for the direction of the show leading to the finale--we all saw when Andy busted the smoke alarm a couple episodes back--and Ms. Kohan has hinted that Nancy will go out in a "blaze of glory"...since everyone else appears to be on their way out of the nest EXCEPT Nancy-I've been led to believe that we've been given some forshadowing as to how the story will end-or at least how Nancy will end. I hope its not that grim. I also hope that the randomness is intentional so that we viewers will be pleasantly rewarded by some masterful weaving of events that we just assumed were random. My fingers and toes are crossed. ;)

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