They got it on to close season four. But what should Raj and Penny do now?

Raj and Penny?!?

I thought that was a hilarious twist. We've seen Raj get lucky before, due to rather than in spite of his silence around women. I'm not surprised that, as low and upset as Penny has been this season, that she may have given into temptation of comfort. Besides, it makes for brilliant (and hilarious) TV. I can honestly say that I did NOT expect that. In the least!


I didn't really like that I see Raj ant Penny together because this made Penny look like a bitch and Leonard lose all interest for her.I believe that Penny must change her behavior,apologize to Leonard and make up with him!
I agree with the others!


i agree with @bob old penny needs a comeback !!!

Rhianna speranzo

i liked the twist but seeing that raj cant speak to women and he still couldnt after what happened i find it completely dumb. I would of prefered him to say something at the end like "aww yeah" and then it ends but i cant see penny and him together so he should just make up with leonard


That was a bad, bad idea. The writers are turning Penny into a nympho and that makes her less appealing. She isn't all that bright, she's becoming increasingly bitchy and now she is also easy and shallow. So what does a guy like Leonard see in a girl like that? Penny needs to return to being sweet and with hidden depths, rather than a bitchy slag.

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