The 2010-2011 season has come and gone. What show aired the best finale?


How bout Leverage? It was cool.........
The other season finales were good too.....


Where is Supernatural?


i would have chosen tvd for the best season, no doubt. But the best finale had to be the mentalist. not a shred of doubt in my mind.


TVD was and always will be the best show ever.. for once there is a season finale that makes me happy instead of sad or mad. of course there always the shock but i have ONCE in my life encountered a joyfull shock (and i think is the episode i havent cried for in season 2 of TVD)




Not to hate on other shows finales but The Mentalist had Jane kill Red John. You can`t top the title character of a show, who works with the police, killing a man in cold blood in the middle of a mall. You just can`t top it.

Rhianna speranzo

i was actually really dissapointed with the season finale of glee


Honestly - none of the above... personally its a tie between Nikita and Desperate Housewives for Dramas and The Big Bang Theory and how I Met Your Mother for comedies.


Vamire Dairies, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives , Make it or Break , Hellcats were the best finales imo, but i also watched 90210, Nikta, America's Next Top Model, Body of Proof, Raising Hope.

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