Chime in now, TV Fanatics: What was the Best Show of 2012?

Breaking Baddies
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NCIS is the best!


VAMPIRE DIARIES is DEFINITELY the best show EVER MADE!!! I can't seem to get enough from Season 1 to this current Season 4!!!! It just gets better by the seasons!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE!!!!! You could say I'm a little obsessed I NEVER miss a episode!!! I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!


CASTLE best show ever!!!


Castle. I agree that Vampire Diaries has some good stuff too but, sorry guys for me it's CASTLE all the way :) It has an awesome story, the characters have come so far since season 1 and there is a great cast and crew behind this awesome show, really open to the fans and really funny. What's the best show of the year, you ask, it's definitely Castle.


Definitely CASTLE best show ever!!!! so much has happened since season 1 and it only gets better from mow :D


THE WALKING DEAD. I am surprised no one mentioned ! Season 3 is the best so far !


I miss and really love to see the Unit return and a new Army Wives.


Vampire Diaries wins hands-down as best show of the season thus far. Great acting, story-telling and character development.