Many NBC shows are on the bubble for 2012-2013. Which would you most like to see renewed?

Normal Abed

Out of all the shows to cancel, why Harry's Law???? It has show excellent values and great acting, love Kathy Bates. You have others that have run their limit yet you pick on this show. Is it because it is an actual show with actors and not a another reality show? Which is what we need.,.......NOT!!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK.


"Harry's Law" has some of the very best writing on TV! It's funny, current, and thoroughly entertaining - David E. Kelley at his best - and he's always great. If NBC had simply given it a good time slot and left it there, it would've been able to garner a decent following - but Noooooo.


Harry's law is a serious, funny and just a great show

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