The American Idol Top 8 performed. Who had the worst performance of the night?

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Apparently I'm a bad judge of singers lol. I liked all of the performances except for Joshua and Elise lol. Oh well I guess. Its not like the most of the people who win this show actually have good careers =)


I could not agree more, Janet. Joshua make my ears, and my fiancés ears, hurt. Every single song he starts screaming, affecting fact tears, and I am not sure if he is capable of singing a single solitary note without exaggerated vibrato. On top of all that, he seems very boring as far as being an on-stage personality. I really hope he goes home soon before other, capable singers get booted to let him stay.


I do not understand how the judges think Joshua is so good. I can hardly stand to listen to him!!!! I do not like all the screaming he does is awful. I am not a fan of curly haired guy either. The rest are good!!!!!

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