We've met many new characters on season two of Game of Thrones. Who is your favorite so far?

First look at Davos

My favorite season 2 character is Asha (Yara) Greyjoy, but she's a lot better in the book than in the show, plus she's not an option, so I'll go with Davos.


my favorite character is Jamie! He will change alot of minds about him this season.


I picked Gendry, as I think he will pick up where Yoren has left off, due to his untimely demise...Up to this point Yoren has been my favorite...To see him protect Aria from watching her Fathers beheading and taking her under his wing more than touched my heart...I was sad to see him killed off...They seem to always kill off my favorites...:(


Gendry isn't a new character for season 2. He appeared in episode 4 and episode 10 of season 1.


Game of Thrones 1 of the Best TV shows, EVER.......


After watching all episodes of "Games" Peter Dinklege remains my reason for watching. He's terrific and he's sexy!

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