Phillip or Jessica? Vote now, American Idol fans, between the two finalists.

American Idol Final 2
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jessica show his talent not the looks which phillip phillips did:) it is the battle for the best singer, not for the most handsome guy in the world.


okay....philip won but jessica is deserving.i mean a lot deserving.philip got looks but he does'nt have the talent..we shall applause the back up singers of philip coz they do a lot of work rather than philip....WE LOVE YOU JESSICA.


Jessica desserve to win. I dont care what the judges said last night. Jessica had way better voice then Philip. Philip should not even be in the finale. It should have been josh and Jessica. If philip win tonight then it would be another injustice to American Idol. Haley Reinhart should have won last year but they gave Scooty the chance. It should have been lauren Alaina and Haley in the final. Then Bowersox should have won but they gave the chance to Lee Dewyze. These days AI have become a handsome pageant competition and the winner of American Idol have been of low quality lately. Scotty last night performance was terrible and I couldnt even understad how he had won it. Stop voting for handsome faces rather then talent. Dont make this season another one of those.


josh got rob,he is by far the best singer


Phillip Phillips is not only terrible when he sang TIME OF THE SEASON, he was
sooooooooo bad a kinder garden student could have sang better. Jessica showed
him up everytime. Someone said that Jessica was one step next to a sleeping pill
Phillip sang a song and JLo said it was like a "lull a bye" now that is putting
people to sleep. The last song Phillip sang in the Finale, he sang for about
20 seconds, if it had not been for the drums and back up singers, we would have not known he had even sang, yes the production was good, but Phillip was
terrible and so dorky and childish he was always making weird looking ugly
faces and so spastic. Get real people and AMERICAN IDOL, PHILLIP PHILLIPS should have been in a school talent show not AMERICAN IDOL. Steven Tyler
was the best Judge and called it right when he said that Jessica should have
been the last one standing. Phillip should not have even been on the top 24
Jessica's career will prove who the winner is, while Phillip will go back to
HIS GIRLFRIEND where he should be.


I cannot believe that Phillip Phillips was even one of the finalists,
in my opinion he should have been eliminated long ago. He definitely
played the game, his girlfriend was shown during the episodes while he was
ill and sounded terrible, and still was not eliminated. After that episode
his girlfriend was never shown, why because he wanted girls to vote for him
even though he is not the least bit attractive. (suckers)
Clearly Jessica was the best singer. Comparing Phillip and Jessica is like
comparing Celine Dion to "Tiny Tim"
I was also very disappointed that Jennifer Lopez, who I once thought the
world of was very partial toward the men. She commented on how "Josh" had
her speaking in different languages. How she "loved" Phillip Phillips.
When Jessica sang the song "J Lo" picked for Jessica "I Give My All" she commented on how hard it was not once buy 3 times, until R. Jackson mentioned
that it was hard but that she had done a good job, not until then did she
change her tune and said "we knew you would get through it" (sabotage?) YES!
I am so disappointed with the results of the show, I am thinking that
somehow Phillip Phillips had some way to get votes, since he was never
in the bottom three during the entire season and others were way better.
This may be the last season the I watch American Idol.
The winner should have been Jessica Sanchez, and Phillip Phillips I wish
him alot of luck, he will apparently need it because he cannot sing
and I feel that his career will go nowhere,he will be a one time failure while Jessica will prove
by her talent that she is the winner of American Idol in my book and I will
buy her albums. I also hope that JLo IS NOT A JUDGE NEXT SEASON, SHE
CANNOT BE IMPARTIAL. We all know that she favors MEN - younger ones at that.


Phillip Phillips is a big NO NO for me. There is no quality in his voice at all and is always struggling to sing high-pitched tunes and the facial contortion says it all. Jessica has a melodious powerful and versatile voice and sings in absolute captivating manner with ease and precision. So it is Jessica Sanchez for me and American Idol 2012 is within her grasp. Good Luck Jessica Sanchez.


Jessica was voted off once and the proof was in the pudding then. She should have gone. The judges could have saved Holly or Joshua who are both much better in both vocals and versatility. Jessica can do ballads...period. Just another female vocalist with absolutely no wow factor. Not to mention almost every performance by her was a slow one because otherwise she can't sing a lick. Remember how off key she was when she tried to pull off that Tina Turner song? She was a hot mess!!!!! Phillip may not have the strongest pipes but he's got vibrato and tone and is multi-talented and definitely versatile. Entertainment is what we want. Jessica is one step above a sleeping pill. Boring!


Really?? I do believe if you listeded to the show the last song was pick by the contestent!


even if jessica dont win shell go way far than phillip in future. if phillip wins it only cuz stupid girls voted on his looks, hes not all dat and not a good singer. just face the facts people. jessica is better. hope she wins.