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Oh, and I bet we didn't see the last of Charlotte. She might be Delena's obstacle. Another one.


I can't help but feel sorry for her though. She looked so heartbroken. :/

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I found it funny that Damon and Elena got together so quickly. I mean, seriously. Vampires should get STDs.


And when you think about it, it was kinda gross. I mean, Damon did hook up with her mom and all...

.. but did Elena expect Caroline and Bonnie to gossip about Damon, talk about how hot he is or something? 


Caroline did get irritating though. Her voice is so annoying. I mean fine, you're for Stelena. Okay. Shut up now. 


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My Brother's Keeper Thread

Was it just me or was Elena like a teenager, high on hormones? I mean, she kept smiling, looking around, twirling her fingers in her hair ect. I swear she was undressing Damon with her eyes throughout the whole episode. -.-


And then when she ran after him down the stairs.


Wow, this episode. Just wow.

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