I'm a HUGE fan of Grey's no matter what anyone says. I'll watch it til the day I die. I most likely won't be on here much, but I think I should have an account on a website about Grey's Anatomy since I'm such a great fan. I love the show and all of it's characters, and have grown to love each one of them, especially Meredith. Ha-ha. Anywho, I'm a fan, blah blah blah, and oh yeah, Grey's Anatomy RULES!!! :)
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Maybe it's because he "screwed" the DNR. The board may penalize him for that... I don't know. Just a guess.

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: More on George

I think the character of Marsha Plimpton will and her son will be the ones that are "the lives that will be saved" by George's organs. I don't know just guessing.


I've already commented on this, I think. But if any of you who would like to know a spoiler about the season premiere, go to the spoiler section of the forum. It's not to much of one, but I was interested when I found out.

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