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U know I loved the finale n Im sure season 4 will air sometime after the summer. An yea Teen Wolf would be a great show 2 watch until it comes back on. Personally, I was all 4 Stefan from the books 2 the show, but I was for Damon as well from the book just not so much as I am for him in the show. What some fail 2 realize is that they both are Vampires, n originally Stefan was the bad guy, he's just reformed now, but he's so reformed its boring its like he wants 2 be human again. Then on the other hand u have Damon who is comfortable with his nature, he doesnt pretend 2 b anything but who he is. They both want whats best 4 Elena, Stefan is just more comfortable following her decisions than Damon. Because lets not forget there have been times when Damon has went along with Elena's decision, all b it begrudingly, but he has. Also not forget that he chooses 2 b the bad guy, when something needs 2 b done between him or Stefan n they know Elena wont like it, most times he chooses 2 put himself on her bad side b/c he is the stronger of the t2, n then sometimes they actually flip coins, where conveniently Damon always loses. They both love her but relationships r meant 2 grow n develop out of pure interactions with each other. She said she fell in love with Stefan b/c at the time they met, she was grieving. That isnt love. Thats called a security blanket. Now thats she's a Vampire I think her n Damon will b a perfect fit, she actually has the means 2 fight back n add muscle 2 her decisions if he doesnt like them. While human Stefan was right for her, but as a vampire its Damons turn. He got a chance in the books n I think he deserves 1 n the series. I do wonder where Tylers soul is now. Will Katherine come back? Will there b a show down between her n Elena over Stefan? Will Elena try n kill Rebekah? How will Carolina cope with Tyler being gone? What kind of witch will Bonnie end up becoming? Who is the next villian? Im so ready for Season 4!

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