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great show last night i think the biggest thing so far that 90210 has lacked compared to beverly hills is the friendship they had. I think they are finally showing how good of friend they are together liam staying with dixon adrianna and silver plus annie naomi silver and adrianna can actually become great friends ! I think 90210 is stepping up i mean beverly hill wasnt built in a day ethier ya know its only season 3 hopefully it goes until 10 like the original but i also dont know where they are going to go with potential hook ups later in the show maybe bring in new characters but i thought that was what teddy was for but now hes gay which is cool i knew they would do that with one character i just dont know if it should have been teddy they could have got him to hook up with other characters in the show i think that they should do oscar and naomi after his ivy story line is over lol idk let me know what u think

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