What I'm wathching right now (and the couples I ship)

Gossip Girl - I find Dair enteratining, but am Chair endgame. Derena got kinda screwed over so I could see enjoying Serenate.  90210- Before Adrianna went off the wall crazy, I loved her with Navid. Not so much now. I love love Naomi/Max more then words. Secret Life- Ricky/Amy is finally growing on me...fun fact, at first I accidently typed Ricky/Ben. Glee - Finn/Rachel, although I kinda like Puck/Rachel. Or maybe just Puck. Pretty Little Liars - Toby/Spencer must be endgame. Must. I also like Aria/Ezra more then I planned. Hannah/Lucas

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I didn't even think about this. You're so right. How does that storyline make sense now?


If the show had been doing this earlier, they might have gotten more viewers and higher ratings! I'm excited.


Am I the only one who thinks Eric looks exactly like an older Jones???