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Psych Season Finale Review: Family Ties

I'm afraid he's not coming back. Corbin Bernsen made a couple of rather ominous comments on his FB page: "If you think about it, Henry's work with Shawn is done. We've reconciled - I handed him the 'big knife.'" .... "I've passed the the torch. What more can Henry do?" Doesn't sound like someone who'll be back. Personally I think it's a mistake to make such a move on a show like Psych, too out of character. Yes, I get the whole "comedy-drama" thing; I very much enjoy the occasional "darker" episode and I like the way they contribute to character development. But you can only go so far in either direction--comedy or drama--before the other half loses its credibility. You can't be Law and Order one week and The Three Stooges the next. No matter how serious (or how silly), Psych never crossed that line, but they will have done so if they kill off Henry, and I don't think it'll still be the show I loved.