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i love this show so much and can't wait for it to return:) i really love it when Red has to get his hands dirty and deal with irritants on his own, and never is it more intense than when he's defending Lizzie...Go Red Go!!

Year in Review: Best Show of 2012

Can't believe i'm saying this after last year's season, but The Walking Dead, hands down. Even when i heard Mazzara(sp?) swear it would be more action packed, i was worried it would mean almost no character growth, which i feel is just as important, but boy-oh-boy did he deliver. The action never stopped, but each character has grown so much and i love/hate them to pieces. Add in Merle, who oddly i don't want to die b/c i think he could add a lot of conflict and tension, and the soon-to-be evil governor, and this season just could not be beat!

Year in Review: Best Character of 2012

1) Daryl Dixon/TWD- seriously no contest...if you were to look at Season 3 Daryl and compare him to Season 1 Daryl you almost wouldn't believe he's the same guy. he was always the ultimate survivalist, but he was a loose cannon and you were never sure which way he would go or what he would do. Now he is someone anyone can put their absolute trust in. 2) Sherlock Holmes/Elementary- i had almost no hope for this show, but it has blown me away the actor who plays him(can't for the life of me think of his name) has made the character his own while still paying homage to the original. Marvelous job. 3) Finch/Person of Interest- I can't even really tell you why. He's just so damn adorable. he's like my younger brother i'm extremely protective of, just love him to pieces. (honorable mention) Donna/Suits- Donna from Suits. enough said:)

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