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non judjung breakfast club minus one-...love them toguether , why do they always have separate story lines involving the slut of the week and only come together to plan someone´s destruction? aren´t they supposed to be friends? make them hang out and go to fabulous parties instead of political/academic super serious gettoguethers no 19 year old would ever want to go to !

Birthday BW

this is the Blair I love!!!!!!!!!!!!! Headbands!!!

War Room

i love this group together , they should have them go to parties and spend tiem together more often and not just plotting some revenge or intervention

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Does anyone else miss Penelope, Hazel, Isabel and Nelly!!

i do not miss nelly !! but the others should come back

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I miss season one fashion...actually I miss season one period

it´s not that i dont like season 3, but really, it´s nothing compared to season one...the OMG moments were not about what the next  "tabu" they could put on tv but about the actual story lines...BECAUSE THERE WAS A STORY LINE

and the fashion has become a little costumy...

i want blair and serena falling for the same guy soon!!


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Open Minded Chair Fans

@ well-thats-too-bad

i loved your thread...your completely right , i´m loving this forum , smart comments!!

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