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Vanity's Bonfire

So, the mother has cancer, that means the kid should get away with murder. I DON'T THINK SO! A ridiculous conclusion to this episode. And a lack of justice for the poor woman whose baby was stolen from her. Mentally ill or not, she deserved some sympathy.

CSI Review: Desperation Diner

As a general rule, if Freddy Krueger makes a guest appearance on a show, he's the one that does the murder. I'm just sayin'...

Major Crimes Review: Tao's Turn

I like the show, not as much without Kyra Sedgwick, but I still like it. And I like Mary McDonnell (Raydor). Her character isn't as dominant as Brenda, but someone has to be in charge. However, let's be honest here - she's had a lot of face work done that's not visible when she has her glasses on. So, please, do not have her remove her glasses under any circumstances. Unless, of course, she's supposed to be a police captain who's addicted to cosmetic surgery. In that case, you might have Dr. Phil come on for a cameo during which he tries to straighten her out.

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